Growing Cannabis To Perfection

Powdery Mildew (PM)

Powdery Mildew on marijuana plant

Powdery Mildew on marijuana plant
Uh oh! Powdery Mildew!

PM is systemic and can not be killed! you must kill the plant to kill it.
I recently bought a clone with a PM problem and am now learning howto fix it. Powdery Mildew looks almost like water spilled on the leaves and dried into a fuzzy crystallized substance. You may not see any damage on the leaf right away from what I have seen. I have been looking and found a few ways to get rid of it. Try burning the sulfur every other night for two hours a night. The white spots are hyphae embedded in the leaves trying to reproduce. In nature this happens when leaves die and sit dormant. They reproduce in cycles of 48 to 72 hours so be persistent tell all signs of infections are gone. It is recommended to spot spray all recurrences with GreenCure after everything is cleared up. To help clear up and prevent increase your ventilation and/or get a dehumidifier to lower the humidity in the room. Powdery Mildew seems to thrive and dark moist places so keep your lights bright, temp up and humidity down. You can also paint your room with mold resistant paint to help reduce your chances.
Hydro Store Suggestion (FIRST ATTEMPT!)

This is what was recommended to me by the local hydroponic store.
What you will need

PM Wash

Miracle Cure
What to do!

Day 1: Mist with Serenade 15 mins prior to lights going off, do not drench!
Day 2: Wash with PM Wash 15 mins prior to lights going off.
Day 3: Mist with Miracle Cure 15 mins prior to lights going off.
Day 4: Wash once again with PM Wash!
Day 5: Repeat if needed!
Whole Milk

whole milk 10 to 1 dilution with water and spray liberally. Make sure you do not increase the amount of milk in the solution due to it promoting disease. Apply every 5 to 7 days to every surface of the plant, tops and bottoms of the leaves and stems.
Sulfur Burner

Sulfur burners seem to be the recommended approach to ridding your plants and grow room of powdery mildew (PM). I hear of people using sulfur burners every grow cycle up to 3 to 4 weeks prior to harvest as a preventive measure without problems. People also use the milk/water mixture with the plants prior to their burn and I hear of positive results.
Warning!!! You must stop using the sulfur burners three to four weeks prior to harvest! Four weeks on an 8 week flowering cycle.
DO NOT use neem oil along with sulfur.
Turn off exhaust fans while burning the sulfer!
Only burn sulfur during the dark period!
Fully ventilate your grow room a half hour after you finish burning.
Leave a couple hours between the end of your sulfur burning and the lights coming back on!
You should reburn a week to 10 days after your last burn in an empty room to kill off any remaining spores.
Make sure you seal off your room if it is something like a walk in closet in your house with a towel on the floor or something of that nature.
CHEAP SULFUR BURNER! Goto your local thrift store and pick up a electric skillet or waffle iron. You can probably find one for $3 to $5. Make sure that you keep the temperature low so you are vaporizing the sulfur instead of burning it or you will fry your shade leaves.


Use 2Tb per gallon of water!
Green Cure

GreenCure Fungicide

GreenCure Fungicide
This is another cure that I hear great things about. GreenCure seems to be excellent at removing PM or Powdery Mold.
Water, Baking Soda, Dish Soap Solution


Hydroponic Closet Grow System

Closet system Hydroponic setup.
1 Root chamber & medium.
2 Tanks aprox 40L.
1 Pump.
1 Timer.
1 Exhaust fan 10” min
5 hose fittings.
1 4L/hour Dripper per plant.
Dripper tube &  Supply tubeLights
1 400w HID & ballast.
1 Timer Switch 10 amp min.
4 18W fluorescent fitting.
1 Timer Switch 4 amp min ??
If set up as a flood and drain system the pump output is connected to the top end of the root chamber
The drain tank and pump are placed with the cloning chamber and fluorescent lights in the lower part of the closet if the clone lights have a separate Timer or are on 24 hours then the cloning chamber must light sealed.
The pump is on a timer the nutrients from the drain tank are pumped up to drip feed tank at the top,  about 6 minutes per 4 hours this is enough to to keep the dripper to each plant going continuously.
The 400w HID is on a seperate timer 12 hours on/off


What you need

Brown paper bag
Your finished weed
What to do

Cut off all the branches with your choice buds that you are ready to dry and cure. Cut all of the leaves off of the branches and buds and put them in a large bowl or something that you will not lose THC crystals in. Cut your branches short enough to fit in your paper bag and fill her half way up. Now shake your bag every day for a week. When your buds are dry to the touch you need to put them in a mason jar and close the lid tightly and put it in a cold dark place. Vent the jar every 6 hours the first 3 days and then every day for a week or longer. The longer you let your bud cure in the jar the better your bud will be.

Bigger Buds

Add 1 tablespoon of nonsulfered molasses to each gallon of flowering solution if you can’t get any bio boost. Molasses is the second best nutrient to bio boost.
Adding a Co2 generator will increase yield by 36%. You can eather buy one for about a $1,000 or you can make one which will not have the best results. You can make one with yeast, 5 gallon water jug, sugar and a hose. Homemade Co2 Generator

More Crystals

Let the soil dry out as much as possible between waterings to make the plant think its getting to dry. The marijuana plant will then begin producing tons of resin to prevent it from drying out.
Warning!!! Reduces yield!

Sea of Green (SOG)

The point of sea of green is to get a lot of small plants in a little area and mature them very early. You give each plant one foot once it has been transplanted. Start flowering them when they are young so they will grow much faster and you can harvest twice as much in the same period of time.

Marijuana PH

What ph should you grow marijuana in? Ph from marijuana is a bit different every where you go. I say keep it at 5.6 to 6.8. Plants eat more nitrogen at 5.7 to 5.9 that at 6.7 to 6.9. But they consume more iron and magnesium at 6.5 to 6.8. So you want a flucating PH to get all the nutrients. I have mine at 6.0 to 6.5. Since the nutrients breaking down in the soil is going to lower the ph and you want it to flucuate, I put it in a little high. pH is adjusted with acid and alkaline solutions normally called pH up and pH down. You can get these at pet shops and hydroponic stores allover.
What I Use

Ph, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potasium test kit
Ph, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potasium test kit
Adjusting PH

I have found a easy way to change the ph of my tap water. I have a cheap scale that doesn’t go above 8.5 and my tap water is that or higher. I use a straw and measure how deep it has to go into the ph down to adjust the ph of my tap water in one droplet. With a full bottle I dip the straw in 3 1/2 inches into the bottle. I should be measuring how deep into the solution but I have not yet rigged a bigger straw. put my finger over the end and pull the straw out and put the end in the water jugg and pull my finger off the end of the straw and relase the ph down or up into the water. Shake the gallon up for a while and test it. If it has changed it to the correct ph level then remember that measurement. It will probably be different for you due to different ph levels of tap water. But i hear they are supposed to be consistent. I would check to make sure first. But once you find that your tap water ph is stable then you can measure out how deep into the solution you straw needs to go.

Foliar Feeding Marijuana

You can use your regular nutes (nutrients) for foliage feeding but you need to dilute it to 1/3 its normal strength. Make sure you use ph adjusted water between PH 6.2 and PH 7.0 Do not foliage feed your marijuana plants after 2 weeks into flowering and do not add molasses into the foliage feeding solution for the liquid will dry before the plant has time to absorb it and the sugar will clog the pores of your plant and attract insects. When you foliage feed make sure you are using a fine mist spray bottle.

Transplanting Marijuana

What you need

2 to 5 gallon sterilized pots
Quality organic sterilized soil
Transplanting is a very delicate procedure if you want to prevent your plants from going into shock and the growth severely stunting for a week or so.
What to do

get your new sanitized pot and fill it with your best soil.
Make sure the root ball is still moist but not soaking wet
Put a hole in the soil the size of the root ball, it will hold together better that way.
Tap the edge of the pot on a edge to loosen the root ball from the pot.
slide your hand underneath the leaves by the base of the stem so the base of the stem is between your middle finger and ring finger.
Now tip the pot over and gently tap it on a corner until the root ball comes out.
GENTLY massage the root ball so the points of the roots are loose from the root ball as much as possible without doing much damage. This will prevent the roots from continuously growing in a circle and they will grow straight out.
Put this root ball in the hole in the soil in the pre filled pot.
Water vigorously, Then here is the key to preventing shock! You want there to be a solid connection between the roots and the soil so they can suck up water faster.

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